Camera phone with easily removable SD card and battery
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I am looking for a phone that has a camera and easily removable data storage and battery. It does not have to be a new phone, so any model from the past few years that has these features would be appropriate.

Basically what I am looking for is a phone that has all the features of a camera as regards good battery life, easily swappable battery and storage. The purpose of this is to use the camera in a country where it is likely that the phone could be confiscated so taking normal phone and SIM is out of the question. A travel SIM will be used. Expecting to buy a spare battery or a case with extra battery power if available and extra sd/micro sd cards for it.

I have searched GSM arena, but these specific features are not normally listed.
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For newer devices, go with Samsung or Blackberry. You can still access the battery for virtually all of their devices.

Newer HTC, Motorola, and Nokia models are a hit and miss (leaning more towards a miss the newer it is) with respect to swap-able batteries.
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The Motorola Droid, Droid 2, Droid 3 and Droid 4 each fit all of your criteria. Batteries and chargers are/have been available for cheap via Amazon, etc.
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Best answer: The droid is a good recomendation. But you want the "global" edition. Get the droid 2 global, it's cheap, it meets your requirements, and you can still use it as a pocket computer. They're also sold as factory world unlocked.

If it gets jacked or confiscated you're only out $30-40. Extended batteries are available. It's mostly metal and very durable(several of my drunken and absent minded stoner friends had these and dropped them all the time with no cases, worked great for years). Would be a good travel phone as such.

It can also shoot video if you want to, and shoots fairly good video too. It can recognize large memory cards, and they're swapable in the palm of your hand.

Oh, and cases/accessories for it are all "1.99 on ebay" affairs now since the manufacturers are dumping them like they're on fire.
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