Where should we go for our September '06 honeymoon?
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HoneymoonFilter: Where should we go for our September '06 honeymoon?

We're looking for a reasonably priced place to get away for our 3 or 4 night honeymoon - we want relaxing, but not boring.

A few limiting factors:

- Being that September is hurricane season, no cruises or beaches, and especially no Florida.
- Preferrably no planes. It adds to the cost, and he's afraid of flying. We live in Virginia and are willing to drive a few hours.
- Neither of us are particularly athletic, so while places with golf, tennis, and skiing are nice, they don't really appeal to us unless there are other things to do as well.

I'm somewhat fixated on The Biltmore in Asheville, NC, but I want to make sure I don't overlook any other potentially good honeymoon locations. Recommendations from places you have been would be helpful - bonus points if they cater to honeymooners. And if you have stayed at or near the Biltmore, please share your experiences too!
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The Biltmore is really nice, and Asheville should be great in September. I was down there for a friend's wedding and we stayed near the Biltmore, but spent a day there and seems the most honeymoon-like destination I can think of that is driveable from VA. That would be my first choice, I think.

Someplace in NYC is another option. Too many choices for me to pinpoint one, but some boutique hotel maybe?

Chincoteague is ok. It's not awesome, but there are bed/breakfasts, some water, nice paths to bike around on, and the famous wild ponies, although I think they are a little on the tame side. I was expecting more from them, I think.

Nemacolin is supposed to be nice. I've never been, but it gets a lot of raves from friends, and is driveable (in Pennsylvania.) Also probably nice in the fall.

There's also the usual resort type places along the ocean, too. Like Hilton Head, etc.
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We just spent 3 days in the Finger lakes region. Stayed in Ithaca, spent one day going around wineries, another day hiking and another day playing on the water. Very relaxing.
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Bar Harbor Maine is the most gorgeous place in the country.
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Agree with driving up to Maine, if you can do it.
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Maine is a pretty freaking long drive from Virginia for a 3-4 night honeymoon, but yes, very pretty.
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Go with the Biltmore. Trust your gut. There will be plenty of time to explore once you two are married, and that kind of exploration sounds like fun for a young married couple.
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What about a cruise from New York to Canada? I've done that trip a few times in September, and I've just adored it.
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Savannah, Georgia?
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