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laowaifilter: Where is there good music in Beijing?

My Chinese skills are passable but not great; despite all my classroom studies I often have trouble communicating. I don't want to go anywhere I'll be unwelcome. This summer my tastes are leaning towards things with synthesizers.

I have no idea if there's any of that in Beijing, and I'm interested in anything at all that's good for what it's trying to be, if that makes any sense. Bonus points if there are friendly Chinese people, so I can talk with them, improve my language skills, and become less of a bumbling foreigner.

Names of bands, events that you know are happening, venues, whatever, I appreciate any of it.

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candymonster plays in Beijing a lot, really fun to watch.

2 Kolegas has good outdoor shows (it's inside the drive-in movie theater in Dongzhimen).

The Beijing Beatles put on cover shows in full costumes from different Beatles eras, often at VA Bar in Wudaoying Hutong.

Mao Livehouse has more rock and punk oriented shows.

Temple Bar has lots of local and touring acts.
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Also look into the Beijing festivals, like Midi, Strawberry or INTRO.
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Smart Beijing has English-language listings and news. The editor has been in bands and in the scene since at least 2006.

Pangbiar is another English-language site, with more of a focus on experimental music.

As far as venues, I suggest checking out The Other Place and XP. Mao Livehouse, Yugong Yishan, Temple Bar, and 2 Kolegas can be good as well.

Feel free to memail me for more specific info.
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Here's the Rock in China Wiki's page for Beijing.

And here's their History of Rock in China page.
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Oh yeah and here's the Alternative Beijing blog which has a couple of listings for music.
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The Beijinger weekly newsletter normally has a decent round up of things going on.

Also worth picking up the English language magazines too, the hard copy of the Beijinger, Time Out and City Weekend.
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