How do I list a one-time (post-bac) college course on academic resume?
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Making a fancy CV/resume for grad school application (a masters in art education). I got my BA 6 years ago (sort of unrelated field), I took a class semi-related to my field of interest last summer at a good university. Is it odd to list this one course in the education section of my grad school resume? Do I list my grade (which was an A)? Where would you put it?
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On the education section of your resume:

College of Northern Terra Incognita
BA in Something Other than Art, 2005

Name Brand School
Additional coursework in Artsy Stuff, 2012
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Yeah, I've done that before with an MA program that I dropped out of.

BLAH BLAH BLAH SCHOOL BA in Psychology, 2001
BLAH BLAH BLAH SCHOOL 2 Coursework (or MA-level Coursework) in Counseling, 2002-2003
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Yeah, I have an "Other Coursework" section in my extended CV. Doesn't seem professional to include the grade.
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Definitely don't list your grade, that would be weird.
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Yeah, just don't make it sound like you walked away with a degree and you're fine. deadmessenger's phrasing is good. And yeah, don't list your grade, they'll be pulling your transcripts anyway.
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Another thing you might do is create a "research skills" section, if it's something that can be described as a skill. For example, if it's a language (human or computer), you might say:

Research Skills
- Swahili, coursework at University of Mars, spring 2011.
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