Need help choosing a rad pattern for a motorcycle seat.
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I own a Kawasaki ZX-6 that I have done some moderate cosmetic customization to, including removing most of the fairings, reshaping the remaining fairings, removing the windshield, replacing the coolant tank and passenger pegs, and stickering the gas tank. The result is a street-fightery look that I'm quite proud of. Now I'm looking to get some custom vinyl printed and use it to recover the seats. I need help choosing a pattern.

As you can see from the picture, the primary colour scheme is silver and black. Those stickers on the tank are transformers stickers, cut up and layered to provide the look of a semi-organic jumble of steel and pistons. So there's already a bit of a mecha-dystopian theme too. I'd be down for continuing with that, though I'm really not interested in doing anything transformers branded (in fact, I get a little embarrassed already when people look closely enough at the stickers to recognize that they are transformers rather than generic robot parts.

I was thinking about getting something like this printed in silver on black vinyl, but I'm not married to the idea.

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Hexagonal ripstop nylon effect. Not necessarily in orange, but I do like orange and grey together.
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I like the wiring diagram, but perhaps it would be even better if the vinyl were printed to look like an actual circuit board. Something like this or this.

How about installing some LEDs in the side for shits'n'giggles? Makes it look like it actually does something. SMD LEDs are quite flat. You could cover them in clear epoxy to protect them.

Have fun! What a neat project.
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RRrowr. So yummy.

How about a distressed grunge brocade effect like this? Or a pseudo-Japanese floral like this? (Would look even better scratched and worn, for that Mad-Max feel.) has a ton of digital seamless fabric designs by amateur designers. Although the site sells fabric, the individual designers are often open to licensing their designs for other purposes.
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I think this is what you're looking for.
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And if you click up to the index there's a lot more similar.
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I think some sort of reptile skin would work well.
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