WKRP in South London
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We have an internet radio, and I have a love of sitcoms set in talk radio stations such as NewsRadio and Frasier. So recommend me your favourite talk stations!

The Tune-In app on my tablet makes navigating stations a bit easier, but the taxonomy of stations in the US is quite different to the UK - here we have the BBC's Radio 4 (mixture of stuff, often seen as very middle class) 4Extra (drama and comedy), Five Live (news and sport) and the independent TalkRadio and LBC, which are commonly thought of as aural companions to the Daily Mail. In contrast, talk stations in the US seem much more fractured - there seems to be one for every political view and belief, and this in every region. So some recommendations would be great.

I know and like the various PRI podcasts, but I like having radio on in the background sometimes rather than actively choosing what to listen to, and I find the adverts interesting. Sometimes it's nice to hear the traffic reports from Buffalo or Vancouver, or see what sales are on at Chapters or Sears - and as with Radio 4, it can be nice to find something interesting accidentally.

I don't have listening skills in any other languages good enough to really follow any non-English stations, but I used to listen to the English broadcasts on Radio Sweden and Radio Netherlands a lot when I was little, so not averse to these at all!
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Also, if there is a real show out there along the lines of Frasier Crane's, I would listen to that stuff every night. Savage Love is close, but not sure I always want to be listening to a discussion on fisting whilst making some cous-cous.
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I find Radio 4 requires too much active listening, so I quite like BBC World Service, especially for the World Have Your Say show which covers a huge range of topics and views.
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DC-area's public radio station: WAMU is what I listen to in the background.
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Insomnia Theater Radio (24/7 Jean Shepherd). Jean Shepherd previously.
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Also, if there is a real show out there along the lines of Frasier Crane's, I would listen to that stuff every night.

Car Talk.
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I don't drive so you'll have to sell that oen to me. Is it about cars in the same way that Danny Baker's phone in is about football ie. not very much at all?
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It's difficult to explain Car Talk, you really have to hear it. It's nominally a call-in show about cars and car repair, but it frequently veers off into relationship advice and lots of other things that are only tangentially related to cars.
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