Every day objects in watercolor
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Help me find the blog of a japanese artist which drew everyday objects using watercolors. Shoes, clothes, mugs, etc. I think he updated daily.
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Do you remember any unique things about it, or any other details? Was it on blogspot, wordpress, livejournal, or some other blogging platform? Were the paintings detailed or simple? Was there a particular style to the artist?
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Noriko Hasegawa?
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Response by poster: If I recall correctly, it was on some sort of japanese blogging platform.

They were kinda simple, white background, and the object depicted in color. No impressionist colors either, just a "still life" style. Not photorealist, but not too cartoony either.

Kinda like this: http://georginaluck.blogspot.com/2013/02/heinz-tomato-soup.html minus the splotches.

They weren't polished, very finished illustrations like Noriko Hasegawa (great artist, BTW). They were more simple, like having fun.
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Best answer: Found it!! riosketch.exblog.jp
Artist is rio-villa.
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Response by poster: According to Parka Blogs (now I remember where I discovered this blog!) the artist's real name is Kawamura Koichiro.
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