Barbecue sauce you'd find at any rib joint?
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I'm making hot links on the grill and french fries tonight, and rather than use a bottle of KC Masterpiece, i'd like to make my own barbecue sauce. Generally I love all kinds of barbecue, but i'm looking for a sauce recipe that you'd find at any BBQ booth at any outdoor concert or event. Any ideas?
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I"m all about the kitchen sink.

Tomato sauce, tomato paste, molassas, onion, garlic, mustard and vinegar. And bourbon. Mix it up and simmer on the stove for a bit.

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Can't go wrong with the kitchen sink. But also consider Carolina -- vinegar, hot pepper, little sugar -- applied after grilling, during the chop. Mebbe little mustard if you swing that way.
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There's a Pittsburgh pit, by way of Carolina that my mom loves, spicy mustard, rosemany, thyme and red wine vinegar. It's a thing if you're into it.
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I have not tried making this particular sauce but the book it's from is fantastic. I've found that fruit really helps a barbecue sauce. Plum, apple, whatever. I am just a random Yankee, though.
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Ruby's Barbecue Sauce. If I'm not using it as a marinade or baste, I leave out the water in the recipe -- leaving the water out will give you more of the texture of a bottled sauce. I also always use about 1/3 of the recommended oil.
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I found this recipe after reading The Man Who Ate Everything, and have made a large batch or two of it, along with the accompanying dry rub. It's got more ingredients than you're likely to find at an average BBQ vendor, but it's good stuff.
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I've made several of the sauces in this roundup and enjoyed them all.
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Response by poster: Hell yeah! I just experimented a bit with a batch and it came out FANTASTIC! Thanks MeFites! Another victory for the hive mind...
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Which batch? Can you post your recipe for future BBQ'ers?
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