How do I allow people to add calendar events with wordpress
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I am launching a local performing arts blog with Wordpress as the frontend, and I want to set it up in a way that allows event promoters and performers to easily add events to a calendar. Having the people need to set up an account with a username and password seems prudent, but I'd like it to be as simple as possible. Perhaps logging in with google or facebook if possible. What are my best options vis a vis plugins/widgets/action plans? Thank you in advance.
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I use the Google Calendar Events plugin. It seems to work pretty well. You can use it to combine a number of Google calendars (private and public) into a single calendar view that you can display as a sidebar widget or embed within a page.

I had to tweak it quite a lot to do what I needed it to do, but it might be a useful starting point.
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Check out GravityForms and BuddyPress.
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I've been using for a Wordpress site I run and it works great.
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I like Events Manager for events.

I'd probably create a new user type using the Members plugin that restricts users of that type to only add events and edit their own events.

I'm not too familiar with social login plugins, but this one might do the trick for allowing them to login with Google/Facebook. Don't know how well it works with the Members plugin, but chances are it'd work.
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