Morel preparation for a n00b
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I impulse-bought 0.2 lbs of morels at the market. Now what do I do!?

I have never cooked morels before, although I consider myself an intermediate cook. On hand, I have cream, butter and oils, portabellas, dried herbs of various sorts, fresh thyme, rosemary, sage, and chives, and chicken breasts and steak tips to cook for tonight. I'm having a panic attack (yes, hyperbole, but still) about cooking these morels. What is your go-to tried-and-true morel recipe? What's the best way for me to enjoy my first morels, ever?
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Breaded and fried! SO delicious.

Alternately, saute lightly in butter and serve plain. Morels have a delightful flavor all their own and deserve to shine -- dishes with heavy sauces and lots of herbs or spices can detract from the flavor, in my opinion.
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Saute in butter and mix in scrambled eggs.
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Morel Hollandaise for the steak tips. Also I am coming over.
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I've enjoyed them best just sauteed plain in butter and enjoyed as a side.
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They are the best thing ever in onion soup.
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Breaded and fried. These grow wild on my in-laws farm. So delicious!
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Sauteed in butter, with perhaps a titch of fresh parsley, salt and pepper. I like them with steak.
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Lightly sauteed in butter. Pour the shrooms and butter over pasta. Eat like a god.
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My brother used to get some for us, or I knew a guy who got them. Best thing I ever had was morels lightly sauteed in butter and made into an omelet or scrambled eggs. I traded soap for a morel omelet once and it was the best deal of my life. Nom nom!!!
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Sautee in butter, cram lustily into mouth, repeat until all are gone.
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You may wish to visit The Great Morel.
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Sauteed in butter, sliced in half or so (half inch slivers), served in a cream sauce. The amazing thing about morels is the texture, particularly the way the crinkles catch and deliver sauce. 0.2lbs isn't a lot though, I'd consider that two servings at best.
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"You may wish to visit The Great Morel."

The FAQ has a good section on how to clean morels.

Also, another vote for simply sauteing in butter.
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Sauteed in butter, breaded or unbreaded. People around here like to bread them with saltine crumbs, which is pretty good, but I like them unbreaded and just sauteed.
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Yes, saute in butter. I like them in omelets and in a side dish with sugar snap peas. Boil the sugar snap peas until crisp-tender, then toss with sauteed morels and some more butter because yum butter.
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Diced and into a classic cheese fondue.
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Update for future searchers: I went the simplest route possible: sauteed in a bit of butter and the lightest sprinkle of salt. Served alongside roasted meats, kale, and oven-roasted new potatoes. I don't know how I've gone this long not having morels; they were divine. Thank you everyone for you suggestions.
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