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Calling all experienced paper crafters: I have an old Sizzix Original die cutting machine - the red one. I don't have one of the system converters that would allow me use thinner dies, and they are increasingly difficult to come by. Presumably it has no other function than to narrow the space between the press and the cutting die. In that case, can I just use a piece of wood to elevate the cutting pad+paper+thinner die up to the necessary height? It seems like it should work, but I don't really know if I'm missing something. Thoughts?

And yes, I know this is all very "last generation" but I can't afford one of the newer systems. I can't even really afford the system converters when they are available on ebay. Hence my quest for creative solutions.
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Best answer: We had one of those in elementary school. Technically only the teachers were allowed to use it, but my mom was a teacher and I regularly helped her out with projects, so I spent a lot of time with it.

The school had a number of thin dies that didn't quite work with the machine donated by some parents--so I used a scrap square of wood pilfered from my dad's stash in the garage. Worked perfectly.

Just put the block of wood on top of the die, between the press and the die. Voila, you have a thicker die. All you need to do is make up the extra space. There's no magic to it.
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Better than wood in your application might be a white plastic cutting board. You can get them cheap at dollar stores; they'll handle a lot of pressure; they cut easy with wood working tools; and they are flat, require no finishing, and are splinter free. They come in different thicknesses though you might need to shop around.
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