Where in Hong Kong is this?
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Can you please tell me where in HK was this picture taken?
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Discovery Bay maybe.
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Best answer: Maybe from West Kowloon looking west. I think the bridge in the background is Stonecutter's Bridge. And Discovery Bay is too nice to have all those random little ships out in front.
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I can't answer your question, but there is a very good flickr stream of [old] HK photos, many of which are captioned. You might find your answer there, or one of the contributors might be able to help you.
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Best answer: My guess, based on the two curvy breakwater thingies, is somewhere near here.
Note the curvy breakwaters, and if you zoom out, you can see the bridge out to the west.
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Response by poster: It is the opening shot of the interview with Edward Snowden. |I just wondered where it was, not that the shot and the interview need in the same place. Island Pacific Hotel, Courtyard by Marriot?
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Lamma Island vicinity, southwest of Hong Kong.
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That is a view of the Yau Ma Tei typhoon shelter looking west, as Diag has pointed out. I bet it's from the Ritz Carlton or the W, both of which are in the Kowloon Station/International Commerce Centre complex immediately adjacent to the West Kowloon highway.
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Response by poster: Maybe a high room at the Mira?
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