Smart TV : Log on/off questions for a weekly rental unit.
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I just installed some Smart TVs in a weekly rental unit. Will the renters be able to log on and off to their personal accounts, or have I opened Pandora's box ?

We have some weekly rentals in a resort area, and I just put Smart TVs in one of them. I know precious little about Smart TVs ( I have a Roku at home), and I am wondering if clients will be able to easily access their personal accounts, and log off after their stay. I know a savvy geek can probably do it with ease, but will it be a PITA for your average, run of the mill Maine tourist ?
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Best answer: What brand / model?

It'd likely be best if you wrote up and laminated a simple set of instructions w/ photos for your renters. In fact, that's probably a good idea for all of the appliances.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I do that with most of the stuff W/D, Dishwasher etc etc, but I've never had to log off apps like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, on my Roku. I hesitated to log in to my account, because I don't want to be paying for shit they watch. Is it a simple process that I can explain in a paragraph or two, or will I be fielding calls on check in and check out ? I'm willing to clear everything when we do the turnover, but I am hoping they can do it themselves.
EDIT: Samsung 32 in... 1080 /120. I don't know the model numbers, but there are 3 of them.
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It likely works similar to a Roku, where you have to sign into and out of each app individually, from within that app. It will really depend on how Samsun implemented the app. There should be a settings / account place in each app where you can sign out.

They don't really seem to provide any online documentation about the experience within these apps themselves.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers, but I decided to punt, and returned them for DumbTVs. Actually, I kept the one I opened and will upgrade my Man Hole-in the Wall with it. The other two were still in the box.
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