Where exactly is this police radio stock sound from?
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When you play SimCity 3000 and put down a police station this sound played. How old is it?

It's everywhere and probably from a stock sounds CD but I'm interested in which one or how old it is. Going by the YouTube comments, one of the earlies uses might have been in the Dennis the Menance movie in 1993.

For reference, I found the exact CD and year "Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair." was created (and downloaded its torrent long ago although I don't have it anymore) but I cannot find this specific police radio. I'm pretty sure it's from a sounds CD.
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Best answer: Did you miss this in the "about" section on the youtube video you linked to?

"Apparently, it's a clip produced by a company called Hollywood Edge. It's on cd 15 of the Premiere Edition series, 'Interior Crowds And Ambiences' and is called 'Police Radio, Female Dispatcher'."
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I dunno, but along the same lines: I hear this stock clip everywhere... first instance I can remember is in Spiderman Cartoon Maker.
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Response by poster: Oh wow I'm a moron. Thanks
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It's also mentioned on the TV Tropes Stock Sound Effects page (see "People", then "Video Games").
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