What should I ask my friend to bring me from Seoul?
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One of my friends is in Seoul and promised to bring me home a souvenir of my liking. What should I ask for? Something not too expensive and not too cumbersome, obviously.

I live in Brooklyn, so I have pretty good access to lots of international products; it's completely possible the answer to this question is "Eh, nothing." Is there something you can only get in South Korea that I should ask my friend to bring back for me? Perhaps something in the hair/make-up department? A…candy? Some kind of notebook or pens? Ideally this would be under $50 and not annoying for him to jam in his suitcase.
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A dojang stamp.
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And poop bread.
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My daughter brought me this little teacup thing complete with lid and ceramic strainer. I like it. And I use it.
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Best answer: Previously, my enormous list of Korean (and some Japanese-but-popular-in-Korea) makeup products.
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eh, nothing.

(actually, three-part teacups like this can be found for under $40 in places like Insadong and are nice)
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A can of silkworm larva. Them's good eatin.
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I don't know if chocolate-covered kimchi is available in the US, but apparently it is in Korea. Whether you would want to receive that as a souvenir is another matter.
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Anti fan-death fan.
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