Help me find this photography book on children's nightmares
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Decades ago at my local library I found this (soft cover, I think) photography book by a guy who'd interviewed a bunch of kids about their nightmares, and photographed interpretations of them. Over my youth, I would check the book out again and again, because it terrified and fascinated me. But they long ago got rid of the book, I've never been able to find it again, and when they went to an electronic system, my checkout history was gone. I would really love to see this book again.

I've Googled to no avail. It was a relatively slim volume, and the photos were in B&W, and it would have come out in the '70s. Anyone ever see a book like this, and do you remember the title?
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Best answer: Arthur Tress, The Dream Collector

Here are some of the more famous images from this book: The Dream Collector

To clarify, these are not all photographs of the children's nightmares, some are just regular dreams.
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Response by poster: You know, the cover didn't ring a bell at all (I wonder if the library did one of those fake covers I used to see all the time back in the day), and at first none of the pics did either, but that dunce cap one hit me in the gut the same way it did back when I was 13. So thank you so much. I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally have a title. Now I just have to decide if I want to pony up that much money for a copy!
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There are cheaper copies around - on AbeBooks they start at $14.50.
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You might also be interested in this amazing bit of synchronicity.
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Response by poster: Isn't that synchronicity hilarious? I've been thinking about asking forever, and finally remembered to do it, and then that came up!
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