In need of awesome flute solos.
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What are some poppy/jazzy/hard-rocky songs that feature a great flute solo?

I just listened to Who Is It by Michael Jackson. It has an awesome flute solo.

What are some other poppy/jazzy/hard-rocky songs that have an awesome flute solo?

I can't think of many other examples off of the top of my head, but one other that comes to mind is Spain by Chick Corea, which features the flute pretty much throughout. I guess I'm looking for more pop or rock music though, and not straight-up jazz.
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Jethro Tull has a lot of flute in his/their? songs. Genre is essentially classic rock.

(When I started playing flute in fourth grade, that was my dad's sole frame of reference for flute players, and wanted me to become the Jethro Tull of my day.)
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Jethro Tull's "Living in the Past"
California Dreamin
orchestrated version The Moody Blues 'Nights In White Satin'
Genesis. "Stagnation", "Supper's ready",
Aqualung-- Cross Eyed Mary
Chicago- "Colour My World"
Goin’ Up the Country -- Canned Heat
"Walkin in Rhythm"- The Blackbirds
Can't You See" -- Marshall Tucker Band
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Al Kooper's Flute Thing.

Blues Project version
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Beastie Boys - Flute Loop
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Men at Work, "Land Down Under."
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Poppy/Jazzy ? A bit short but there's the Guess Who - Undun
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Bonobo - Pick Up
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Hell, you need to be looking at Jethro Tull for sure. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Focus yet.

Hocus Pocus (Mad flute break at 3:00)

House of the King
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Baiao Atemporal

Flute is more prominent on the studio version.
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Saint Germain: So Flute and Busdriver: Imaginary Places are both built around flute (jazzy in the first case, Bach in the second).
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Traffic also used to use the flute a lot. Check out some of their stuff.
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Duran Duran has a flute or closely related instrument in some of their songs (most immediately to my mind The Chauffeur--NSFW video--where the solo is at the end.).
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Florian Schneider played the flute on Kraftwerk's early albums: see Tanzmusik, and Ruckzuck, for example.
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Harlem River Drive, by Bobbi Humphrey.
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Also Orange Skies and She Comes in Colors, by Love.
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On the jazz side, but "Curried Soul," the theme from the CBC's "As It Happens."
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MC 900 Ft Jesus - But If You Go
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There's a whoopass flute riff on the Life Aquatic soundtrack. It's when they're on the Ping Islands (Little Ping?).
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A lot of mainstream jazz fans would tell you that Hubert Laws is more of a pop flautist than a jazz man, but I guess that depends on where you draw the lines between pop/smooth jazz, etc. Try his interpretation of Pavane (1971), Undecided (from Romeo and Juliet 1976), his Tryin' to the Get the Feelin' from about 1973, or his version of Where Is The Love, to see if he fits your requirements.

If Laws seems promising, you might also check out Jean-Pierre Rampal's recordings of pop tunes or his recordings with Ravi Shankar on sitar, like Sunrise, and perhaps, Herbie Mann's 1969 Memphis Underground, etc., for flute with funk/soul underpinnings.
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Audience - I Put A Spell On You
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How about rap? Jimmy Z featuring Dr. Dre.
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