Male masturbation and using lube
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I honestly don't know this, and almost none of the men that I know are circumcized, so I wouldn't know who to ask in person. Is it generally so that lube is more needed/vital/ important/whathaveyou for masturbation if one is a male who is circumcized?

I could imagine this being true, but I don't own a penis, so I'm no expert. Can anyone tell me whether this is so?
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Of the two circumcised men I've been close enough with to know of their masturbatory habits, neither used lube routinely in their solo sessions. Both said they didn't really need it so it wasn't worth the trouble.
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Is it generally so that lube is more needed/vital/important/whathaveyou for masturbation if one is a male who is circumcized?

No, not at all.
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Not at all. US popular culture has led me to discover that masturbation even (apparently) needs lube at all. It's not something I had ever heard of until then. With a sex toy? Yes, but I do not understand why you'd need lube for everything you were supplied with as standard equipment. It makes no sense to me.
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It's true that men get more out of the addition of lube to manual stimulation, at least in my experience, but they don't necessarily need it and often do not use it.
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Best answer: Generally, yes. Lubrication is generally more necessary for the circumcised, in that it's generally not at all necessary for uncircumcised penises, and sometimes somewhat necessary for some circumcised ones. But:

1. Circumcisions vary. Some leave a lot of play in the skin, some leave none at all. The former would have far less need for lube than the latter, where the mechanics of masturbation differ significantly.

2. Even in the latter situation, while lubrication cuts down on chaffing, it's not at all necessary for getting the job done. A different technique solves that.

3. The sensation is quite different between lubricated and non-lubricated, and some (regardless of foreskin status) prefer one over the other.

4. The body produces its own lubricant, though whether a sufficient amount (if any) is produced depends on the individual.
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I'm circumcised and I rarely use lube. It's general wisdom (though I have no idea how true it is) that circumcised penises are less sensitive than uncircumcised ones—in fact, this is often pointed out as an argument against circumcision, since it deprives the guy of sexual pleasure. That may be the case, but even sans foreskin I've never found lube to be necessary to accomplish the mission at hand. I actually find that it sometimes makes it more difficult to get the necessary friction/traction as I, uh, close in on the final objective.
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I'm circumcised, and I've never used lube for masturbation.
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There is a difference between the wet jack and the dry jack, but either way works well. It is a matter of preference just as which hand you use.
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Best answer: Before I begin, was anybody else tempted to go look up euphemisms for masturbation? NO? Just me? Ok. whistles

Everything above re: amount of natural lube produced by the body, amount of skin, general preference. I'll also add that I have known some uncut guys who like to masturbate with lube. There is no universal answer when it comes to penises, or even subsets of penises.

I'll add that this also depends on the technique a guy uses for masturbating. Some guys don't seem to move their hand very much at all when touching themselves (see: death grip). Other guys cover a lot of territory along the shaft. Some guys prefer more speed in the motion, and others like less. Same goes for friction. Lube has some effect on all of those factors.

Another contributing factor to lube use is habit. Some guys grew up jerking off in showers, others had a bottle of lotion by the bedside. Some got their first hand job from a woman who used lube and wanted to recreate that, others were left to their own devices and may or may not have even thought to use some spit. Some guys tried many or all of those things and settled on what they liked best. Some guys switch it up and use lube sometimes.

In addition to the physical stuff, some reasons I've heard for not using lube include:
more mess from airborne lube; stickiness as the product degrades; distraction in the time it takes to find the damn bottle; not having a place to hide it; potential spills.

Wow. I didn't realize how much I know about penises. I'll chalk that up as an unknown known and just move on from here like this never happened....
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Dan Savage suggests lubrication to avoid death grip problems, to help you lighten the touch.
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I will add, as a circumcised-penis-possessor speaking to the non-penis-owning OP, that I have never used lube for solo masturbation, but have always found it necessary when receiving a "helping hand".
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Response by poster: Thank you all, I've had some pretty interesting answers, here and in MeFiMail. I've definitely learned a thing or two. Rock on!
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