How to clean rotten potato smell on a hard wood floor
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This morning, my wife discovered a forgotten bag of potatoes that have apparently been our pantry since the Taft administration. The bag burst, leaving rotten potato mush and juice on our old hardwood floors. It smells like death has vomited more death on top of death. Help.

We have cleaned the mess up and gotten it out of the house and cleaned the floor with clorox wipes, but we cannot get rid of the smell. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you, as always.
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I'd put a crap ton of baking soda on the spot to start...
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White vinegar wipe down and then put baking soda on top for a few days. No guarantees but that's what I'd try first.
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A bad potato smell is a special kind of hell, but I have had success in eliminating other bad smells by using Zero Odor.
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Try leaving out a bowl of ammonia, it might absorb some of the smell.
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I have had success eliminating animal and kid odors with OdoBan.
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Fresh coffee grounds eliminate many bad odors.
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Microban. They clean up crime scenes with it.
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Wipe it down with Oxyclean powder mixed in warm water. Maybe check it on a part of your floor first to make sure it doesn't mark or anything. I have used this to remove cat spray smell from wooden skirting and unsealed concrete floors. That Natures Miracle stuff they use for cat pee should work too, as the enzymes in both work on anything organic pretty much.
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You need an enzyme cleaner for organic stains, like BioKleen. It digests the stuff that is causing the stink.
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No suggestions on the immediate aftermath, but anecdotally, the smell of rotten potatoes that have leeched into hardwood does go away after a while. We didn't use anything but some all-purpose spray with ammonia. Never was able to remove the stain, however. That might require sanding and refinishing, which we didn't bother with, because the stain isn't in a very visible place.

The answers you're getting are the same kinds of answers in response to questions about getting rid of pet odors, so you might search for previous AskMes on that topic also.
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Seconding SuperSquirrel.. it will go away. But man, that stink is baaadd while its there.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your help. For now, Pine Sol seems to have done the trick, for the most part.

Give it a couple of days, and you are all invited for dinner.

Thanks again.
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