Comcast alternatives in Western Massachusetts?
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Does anyone have an internet/cable provider in this area that's not Comcast? We are fed up with their horrible service. We're in Northampton, MA if it helps.
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It's my understanding that Comcast is your only cable option in Northampton. There isn't much competition among cable companies out here in Western Mass so as far as I know each city and town around here only has one cable operator. I know that Easthampton only has Charter (which is worse, believe it or not!) We are in the same boat in Springfield with Comcast. Your only other option is "dish" as far as I know for cable and someone like Verizon for internet...
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For cable, Comcast is the only game in town. If you move over here to Easthampton, you get Charter, which is even worse. (Ha on preview!)

For Internet, you could do Verizon DSL, but of course that's slower than cable. Even so, we have Verizon DSL at my work and it is very stable. Billing through Verizon is a nightmare, but the service itself is fine. FiOS won't be out in this area for quite awhile.
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When we lived in Noho, we had Verizon DSL for internet. We now have Charter cable/internet in Easthampton; I agree with Hanuman1960 that there's only one cable option per town here. The Verizon DSL was not as fast as cable, but it was considerably more reliable than Charter's internet, which goes out frequently for short times.

[On preview, yep.]
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Oh, and customer service-wise, I never had a problem with Verizon. In fact, the time a lightning strike fried the DSL modem that was past their warranty date, they overnighted me a new one at no charge anyway. They also were always on time for appointments.

Comcast in Noho... turned my cable off every time anyone in our building moved out. I spend *hours* on the phone with them because of things like that.
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I had Charter in Easthampton and it was so. bad. Customer service was awful and the actual internet service was, if possible, worse.

Then I had Verizon for a while (also in Easthampton), and it was much more reliable, but I didn't have to deal with billing/customer service - someone else was on the bill - so I can't comment on that.

Honestly, the Comcast I have now (in NoHo) has been the best internet service I've had in Western Mass. Which is sad.
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I just dumped Verizon for a return to Comcast. Verizon was cheaper, but the internet has been getting progressively worse/slower for the past three years and they neither made it better nor could they explain why.
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