Can you help me buy this Japanese tee for my husband's birthday?
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My husband really likes this t shirt and his birthday is in a few weeks. Problem: website is in Kanji (I think-?) and I can't see the 'Happy Birthday' one anywhere. It it can't be found online, do you know if the site has an actual physical shop anywhere? I have friends in Tokyo/Kyoto who might be able to send it over if it's available. HALP (and thank you!)
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You could check with White Rabbit Express.
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Doesn't clicking the link take you to this purchase page? Disclaimer: I don't read Japanese.
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Response by poster: Admiral Haddock: the link just takes me to the site, which doesn't seem to have this tee on it... at least nowhere I can see.
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The t-shirt is here, but they don't have international shipping. I'd use White Rabbit Express, as Dansaman suggested.
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Also, checking out the FAQ, the shirts are printed on demand, so it might take up to 2 weeks to receive an order in Japan.

Great t-shirts, by the way. Now I want to buy a few.
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I will warn you, you need to see if they have a good selection of sizes as Japanese T-shirt sizes are pretty small....
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Op, are we seeing different pages? My link goes straight to the order page, pick a size and you're off to the races. Are we talking about the same happy birthday dog shirt?
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Response by poster: Admiral Haddock: I think my computer is on the fritz. The link takes me to the right place now! Still have to use White Rabbit Express to get it shipped though.
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+1 to what Ruthless Bunny said, I am an M in most American sizes but can be an XL in Japanese sizes...

And note the size chart is weird. No chest measurement. Just body length, neck width, waist width (not circumference), sleeve length. This is apparently somewhat normal in Japan.
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I will be in Japan in a few weeks and will be back in the US about a month from now. If you can wait that long, I would be happy to be your mule.

Japanese sizes do run small, so that should definitely be taken into consideration. This shirt runs to size XXL, although XXL costs an additional 200 yen. The shirts are made to order and for this reason, no refunds.

Admiral Haddock's link is the correct one.
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Response by poster: Tanizaki - that's a very kind offer, thank you! I'm still waiting for a reply from White Rabbit but may MeMail you in a day or so if I can't work something out?
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Absolutely. Hopefully White Rabbit works out, but if not, I am happy to help.
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