A brief vacation.
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I'm going to be in the Boston area on the 29th and 30th of this month, and I'm looking for a bed-and-breakfast type place to stay over that weekend. Small and cheap is preferred, and outside the city - I've been thinking south, near (probably not actually on) the Cape. Does anyone have suggestions, either of particular places or of general areas I should aim for?
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Even though it's north of Boston (about 15 miles), might I suggest Marblehead? Specifically the Jersey Hill Bed & Breakfast? Their Suffolk & Essex rooms are pretty reasonable for a B&B in-season. I love the North Shore-- Salem, Marblehead, Gloucester, etc. Lots to do and easy to get to Boston via train or ferry if you don't feel like driving.
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Don't have b & b suggestions but you may want to look at the oceanside towns like Hingham, Marshfield, Duxbury, Scituate, Cohasset.
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Near, but not actually on, the Cape pretty much describes Plymouth (which is huge by the way--it's the largest municipality by land area in the state) though for varying degrees of "near" wannabecounselor's suggestion of towns along the South Shore also works.

Be warned--Though these communities look like they have easily accessed Commuter Rail service to Boston, due to budget cutbacks there are presently no trains running on the weekends.
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Do you have a car or not, and will you need to travel into Boston? That's going to change a lot of suggestions, esp. as public transit options are different on the weekends.

I think the cheapest of the South Shore options is usually Hull -- I've seen at least one surprisingly cheap place advertising on Craigslist. But Hull can be hard to get to without a car (and high-traffic even then, as it's a peninsula).

If you need reliable public transit to get into Boston, Quincy may be a better option (Red Line plus excellent bus coverage), although it's adjacent to Boston rather than near the Cape.
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Normally I'd say Gloucester, but that weekend is Fiesta, and Fiesta is a madhouse. Unless you like a weird, townie madhouse. (However, most b&bs will be quiet and away from said madhouse, and the driving's way simpler than the cape - Cape Ann rules).
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Response by poster: Have car, and will be traveling into Boston at the end of the weekend.
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Unless you like a weird, townie madhouse.

You can also watch people ride the greasy pole!
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I know this is on the Cape, but we spent our honeymoon at the Green Mountain Inn in Hyannis. It's low-key but comfortable and only a block or two from the beach. The owners could not have been nicer; I spent the whole time sick and skipped breakfast every day (but my husband said it was delicious), and they did everything they could to make things easier. They have an adorable dog and a gorgeous koi pond -- lots of room to relax.
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Hingham! Because World's End is beautiful.
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These are my personal suggestions, in no particular order. I have lived in the area for my entire life, so hopefully that provides me with some level of credibility.

Marshfield - Fairview Innhttp://www.thefairviewinn.com is beautiful and right on the water. The restaurant is wonderful. Renovated within the last few years.

See what is on Main street in Barnstable, MA especially nearby this restaurant which I love http://www.barnstablerestaurant.com

Another favorite place of mine....Daniel Webster inn in Sandwich, MA http://www.danlwebsterinn.com

This is a local favorite for many people in this area for functions, weddings, and dinner Red Lion Inn, near S Main St, Cohasset, MA. It is absolutely lush and in a cohasset center. It would be about 45 minutes to Boston, MA.

Red Lion Inn
71 S Main St, Cohasset, MA ‎
(781) 383-1704 ‎
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