Music Mixing Freeware Needed.
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Music mixing program needed! Does anyone know of a freeware program I can download that lets you mix wav files together? I am creating cd's for my wedding reception and I want to mix the songs so that when one song is ending, the next will start without that second or two of silence.

I have programs that let you put one after another, but they don't let you layer them. Any ideas?
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my similar question
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It sounds like you also want to make sure you burn the CD using the "Disc-at-once" method. If you do "Track-at-once" burning (the alternative), you end up with 2 seconds of silence between tracks. Look for this option in your CD-burning application.
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EasyCD and possibly Nero allows you to define a crossfade between two tracks when you burn. Works with MP3s as well as WAVs.

Far easier than mucking about with a mediocre sound editor like Audiocity.
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I used iTunes to do this. If you view a song's properties, you can set the start and end time. When you burn it, you can do so without the gaps.
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The Winamp plugin SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output gave me good results when I tried it a while ago...

Use VAC to route the audio to an audio editor, record, and burn the wav to a CD.
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Nero allows you to determine the length of silence between tracks. Standard is 2, but it can be set to 0.
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During a similar project, I didn't have the success I was hoping for using Audacity to mix/edit and iTunes to burn. Even with the "disc-at-once" option, and removing the 2 second gap, there was still a tiny (maybe 1/10 sec) gap which is audible. A workable solution has been to leave the playlist as one large file.

Between normalizing the files and optimizing the crossfades, the whole process is rather time consuming, but I'm content with the result (although disappointed with the inability to skip tracks.)
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