WordPress theme for a marketplace
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Need ideas of a off-the-shelf WP theme for a marketplace.

I am putting a craft marketplace together and will use Etsy as the ecommerce platform. I want to have a blog as the main website with posts about the items and people that make them, with the Etsy plugin (Etsy Mini) on it which will allow people to actually buy those items.

What would be a good theme to do something like this? I have been looking at magazine-type themes and they don't look quite right. A shop theme wouldn't work either since I am already using Etsy for the transactional bit.
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It really depends on so many things that you haven't mentioned such as what you want it to look like. You can use an e-commerce theme but not activate the commerce section. Have a look at Theme Forest for some ideas or find a site you like and see if that is made with wordpress (via view source) and grab that theme or another like it.
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