Comfy Yoga/Workout Pants in the Right Texture for a Curvy Gal?
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Hola folks! I am located in WNY area near the Canadian border (willing to drive into Ontario for shoppin'!) and am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction for the right kind of pants. I am looking for Semi-Fitted Lower-waisted (I am short waisted but have serious hips - I HATE those fold-down waist ones with a burning passion) Yoga pants to wear for Yoga & Workouts that also are *not* a matte/cotton type texture. I have light coloured animals in my home and also am self conscious about wearing light colours...hence for the sake of my sanity I like my yoga pants to be a "slick" texture and black or another dark colour.

Bon Ton was carrying Vogo brand pants that were perfect, just a sweep of the hand and any stray dog hair would be gone. Sadly mine are wearing through and I am down to one pair...this is bad for someone on a weight loss journey who works out several times a week - the pants are washed a lot! Any recommendations? There must be someone out there that's as picky as I am....maybe? :D
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Hello from a former WNYer! I'm a little confused by your request - is matte/cotton okay if they're black pants? I have bought a lot of workout wear at Target (in store or online). I'm a sucker for things that are reversible so I like these and the short size doesn't need to be hemmed for me, which is a bonus. I also had a pair of these that I loved - I had to toss them recently because um, there were stains ... Hope that helps!
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Do you have a budget in mind? I had some Nike Legend capris that I really liked and they are more of a slick texture. They come in both capri and full length, but they are $50-70 USD (though Zappos has them on sale occasionally and you can sometimes find them at discount places like Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls). Otherwise, I like the C9 line at Target - it's made by Champion, and they have several varieties of pants that have the slicker texture you're looking for.
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The Lucy Perfect Core pants are good for curvy shapes and have the kind of semi-shiny texture you are asking for. They are described as "high-waisted" but they have several other fits that might have a lower fit. They will have all of the different fits in store, so if there is one in your area, that is the best place to find the right shape for you. However, they are very expensive.
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Do you want full-length pants? My Costco has some very comfortable poly/spandex semi-fitted calf-length pants these days.
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Bike pants/shorts tend to have the texture you want -I get mine at Target.
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Response by poster: Don't have a budget in mind - would love full length. And no kat518 sadly the fur clings to the cotton terribly :( Specifically I have a Service Dog and she is a pale (and very pretty) shade of she's with me 99% of the time and thus shedding 99% of the time LOL! But hello to you and huge thanks for the leads...Everyone...this is great brainstorming and I don't mind paying more for something that will last longer. I've only had mine a bit less than a year. My previous favourite pair was from Target and they still exist, however don't stay up very well/give me a bizarre bunched up crotch look now that I've lost 50+lb. I've still got another 50 or so to lose and that's going to be the most stubborn bodyfat, so I am going to guess these pants I get will have to last me about another year. I'm so far very happy with the links everyone has provided and most of these I haven't seen before!
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One of my (now-former) housemates is pretty curvy and has a few pairs of yoga pants that she picked up at Old Navy last fall that she basically lives in around the house.
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I have several pairs of the Costco yoga pants, similar to these except mine are the full-length version (maybe you can find both lengths at a physical warehouse location in Ontario or NY).
They are really nice - with a wide, flat waistband and stretchy comfy fabric. I have worn them daily for at least a year with no noticeable wear and tear.
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p.s. Coming from a curvy girl who is also the owner of two black shed-prone dogs :)
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I'm very picky, want my yoga pants/tights to be slick textured, firm, hold my bits in, and also last well for ages through many washings. Lululemon is what you want - but I don't buy their yoga gear, I buy their running gear. Spendy, but lasts so long and is so comfortable I never want to wear anything else again.
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I am a (very) curvy person myself, and cannot speak more highly of the REI self-branded sport pants. I love them. They are a matte black stretchy synthetic, substantial weight & opaque but not hot, they are incredibly forgiving with size (and come in plus sizes), and they don't collect pet hair from my 3-cat + 2-dog house. I have a couple of pairs and shortened one pair into capris which is easy if you're handy with a sewing machine. I wear them all summer under dresses, tank tops, for workouts & walks, & even in the winter under skirts. They're awesome.
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