Following a few select social media accounts?
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I need to monitoring a few social media accounts (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for a short period of time. Is there a service I can use that will give me a feed of just these select accounts, without giving me a feed of all the accounts I follow/am friends with?

Also, this is for a short (three weeks long) work project, so I'd like to minimize the amount of time it takes to set up.

Ideally, it would give me some sort of feed that I can follow in an app or on a website, and/or that would give me notifications of new posts.
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I don't remember if all those have per-user RSS feeds, but if they do you could roll your own RSS with Yahoo Pipes.
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For twitter I use TweetDeck, which lets you create columns containing individuals or lists of them (or both! make lots of columns), and you can configure notification stuff for each... column? list? I forget exactly, but it should be able to do what you need.

I believe it also supports facebook, and I imagine functionality is the same, but I don't facebook, so I can't tell you for sure.

It can be a stand-alone application (Adobe Air-based) or there's a Chrome extension.
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RSS feed for a Twitter user:

3rd party who seems to be generating instagram RSS feeds:

Can't help with facebook, sorry.

It's really sad how RSS seems to be fading away.
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Yeah, I would also suggest TweetDeck. It's highly customizable. You get a steady stream of new posts and content in a glance. And if you make your list private, I am pretty sure no one will know you if have added them to that list, but you could try to make a second account and test it to be absolutely sure.

TweetDeck recently removed the functionality for Facebook accounts though. You can see this list for other possible applications that monitor Facebook+Twitter: I tried HootSuite and found it confusing. And I think I tried all those on the list and found them confusing, unavailable or cost money. I feel like most powerful/cross-platform social media monitoring software does cost money.
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As I understand it, that's what Flipboard does.
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I just joined Rebel Mouse, which does the trick pretty nicely.
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