Kid-friendly restaurants in Williamsburg Brooklyn?
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So some friends of mine, who have a two-year-old, are coming to visit me this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I don't have kids, but I know there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, so I know there has to be some kid-friendly dining options. I only moved in to the neighborhood about a month ago, so I have not had time to explore. Ideally I'd like to find a bunch of kid-friendly restaurants in the neighborhood and send the kid's mom a list of them so that she can pick one out. Any recommendations?
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Best answer: Practically any restaurant, unless they're ogres, will be accommodating to your kids if you show up early: 6-6:30, no later than 7. Practically any restaurant, because they're businesses, will give you the eyeball if you show up with kids at 8 pm when dinner rush is in full swing.

I do have some particular recommendations, though:

Bedford stop:
Osteria Il Paiolo on N 6th is well-known for loving kids and having ample space for strollers. Mable's Smokehouse ditto.

Graham stop:
La Piazzetta is super friendly and playful with my kids, and delicious too.
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Best answer: DuMont has a kid's menu, I believe, and a fairly big garden space in the back. Don't know how crowded it is for dinner these days but I think if you get in a little early you'd be fine there.
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Don't fret too much. Most parents can figure out how to make do with anything, and might have even scoped things out themselves. But as Leisl noted, most restaurants will serve families with little kids.

If nothing else, look around for places with high chairs and booster seats. Parents generally bring small things to distract their small children, even if a restaurant doesn't have paper and crayons to distract little hands. From my experience with my son, proper seating is the biggest concern, as at two years old, my little guy can eat most foods.
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Well, this isn't in Williamsburg, but if they feel like taking a short jaunt over to Carroll Gardens, Farmacy is an adorable little soda fountain & ice cream parlor with some truly delicious sandwiches. The Meat loaf is to die for.
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