The Happiest Drink in the World in NYC?
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Where can I get Babycham in NYC? Either by the glass in a bar, or for purchase by the bottle. Mail order is fine, too. I'm not looking for any substitutes or similar products... I want the prancing deer!
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They don't list it on their site as available, but I bet Bierkraft in Brooklyn can help.
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There is a British specialty store on Hudson between Horatio and Jane called "Myers of Keswick." They sell every weird little thing you remember from the UK. I am not sure if they have a license to sell wine/beer, but if anyone would know where to get Babycham, it's them.

PS- That stuff is *nasty.* But that's also true of Heinz beans and Marmite.
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Babycham is owned by Accolade Wines. You can search their North American website for distributors by zip code. Putting in a Manhattan zip code brings up two distributors in NJ:

- Allied Beverage (HQ) 600 Washington Ave Carlstadt, NJ 800-313-6767
- R&R Marketing (HQ) 10 Patton Drive West Caldwell, NJ 973-228-5100

Whether they stock Babycham or not - which is doubtful - is another matter but they might be able to point you the right way.
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How about Babycham liquors in Hobe Sound, FL? They stock it, call them and see if they'll ship it to you.
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