Do I dare to eat a ...n apricot sorbet
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Eat it or not: vegan apricot / plum sorbet, unrefrigerated 24 hours

Right now it's totally melted and room temperature.

I'm thinking it's vegan so the worst thing that could happen is it would get a little fermented, but would fermentation really happen that fast?

Or am I totally wrong????
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Response by poster: I guess there could be some weird molds growing in there too?
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Sure, except it's all melty so why would you want to?

The sugar in the sorbet ought to act as a preservative/discourage bacterial growth. As should the acid in the fruit.
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Response by poster: Sure, except it's all melty so why would you want to?

To drink it all in one amazing gulp, possibly... :)
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+1 sure
+1 why would you want to

Frozen desserts are usually a lot more sweet than non-frozen anything; the cold makes it seem less sweet so it gets extra sugar in the recipe. Melted popsicle is gross melted popsicle, not refreshing Kool-Aid. If melted sorbet was A Thing, we'd all know that by now.

I would re-freeze it -- if you don't have an ice cream maker, put it in a pan and keep breaking it up with a fork as it freezes; it should be much tastier than the current sugar slurry.

Alternatively: try it as a syrup mixed with a liquor and a fizzy drink?
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I'm vegan and generally follow USDA food safety guidelines to a neurotic T but I would totally re-freeze this and eat the hell out of it. No question.

Sorbet is going to be cloyingly sweet if you try to drink it straight-up melted, but if you'd really prefer drinking it to eating it re-frozen, maybe combine it with some seltzer water over ice? It would probably taste like an apricot-plum Italian soda!
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Pour it into a popsicle mold and re-freeze. It'll be fine.
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I came here to say combine it with seltzer, so +1 divined by radio! Because yes, sugar keeps forever, it absolutely won't kill you, but if you refreeze it the texture will probably not be quite as good, and also mmmmmmm seltzer.
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Response by poster: Mixed with seltzer for the win! I will update for posterity if there are any ill effects :) Thank you guys!!!! This would have been truly a shame to go to waste.
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Definitely safe to eat it. The ingredients are sugar, water, apricot/plum, vanilla extract, and possibly lemon. You could even try throwing the liquid in a blender with ice. Sorbet smoothie? Yum.
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There will be no ill effects, nor weird molds. Worst case: yeast started growing (actually, that's inevitable; the only issue is whether or not there's enough to taste). After a bit, acetic bacteria may join in, rendering it vinegary, but that takes about 2-3 days at room temp before it's noticeable for more watery solutions (based on my experiences with wild fermentation). Should take even longer for high-sugar, high-fruit-acid liquids.
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