Best case studies of organizational transition/scaling?
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I'm looking for a case study that examines an organization as it grows and transitions into a larger company. It seems like this would be a ripe topic for writing, since I'm asking about "the life of a startup," but I'm having trouble finding a good, substantive case study that studies the operating environment, organizational circumstances, decisions, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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You might try the source of most business case studies: Harvard Business School.

This is an article about Trip Advisor scaling from start-up:

A search through Harvard Business Review case studies, keyword: Scaling.
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Other potential keywords "change management" "organizational change" "organizational design"
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In some sense, any new company is a "startup," but if you're going for a more liberal/in-the-now example, my suggestion might not be applicable. Nonetheless, I would research Walmart's beginnings. The corporation has consistently been in the top three of the Fortune 500 list for the past 60 or so years (and reestablished its #1 spot this year). Walmart obviously didn't start this massive, though. In fact, the founder, Sam Walton, had very modest upbringings. His theme to provide affordable, quality goods still resonates today, presumably in part because of his early life. While he became lavishly wealthy, Sam Walton continued drove the same old pickup truck he'd purchased years before.

There have been many sources of public and corporate contention against Walmart; namely, its monopolizing practices, environmental impact, and a history of alleged racism.
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