Identify this mid-90s hip-hop song?
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I'm hoping someone can identify a mid-90s hip-hop track, which for a long time I assumed was by Thirstin Howl III, but now I'm not so sure. The only thing I recall, other than the rapper having what I would characterize as a laconic flow, is a line that rhymed Brooklyn Dodger with Joe Cocker. I distinctly remember the second part of this rhyme being delivered in a sing-song, "I la da da da da like Joe Cocker". (Literally la da da, not a placeholder for something I don't remember.) So, pretty specific right? Anyone?
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How about Kick the Bobo? It's the right timeframe, but the second line isn't sing-songy: "Make 'em disappear like the Brooklyn Dodger / Swinging on my thing, I swing 'em just like Roger"
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According to, at least, there aren't a lot of hip-hop songs that mention Joe Cocker.

I don't suppose it's Chubb Rock's 'Reputation'? The Cocker line is: I oughta, Joe Cocker your opera/ Crowd rock ya, I make you scream "Oooh ah ah!"
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Response by poster: Yes, box, that is exactly it! Clearly I was overconfident in the accuracy of my 15 year old memory, but not overconfident in AskMe's ability to find it anyways. Thanks.
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Best answer: Are you sure it's not a High and Mighty song? I don't know the exact track - (maybe Open Mic Night?) - but I am 100% certain there is a track where Mr. Eon says "If I rhymed in the 50s, Brooklyn Dodger" and "Essays and thesis I gotta lotta, like da da da da da da Joe Cocker"
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Response by poster: The plot thickens. That has gotta be the line I was remembering...and so it is.

High & Mighty - Mind, Soul & Body
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Nice one, gnutron! 'Mind, Soul & Body' isn't on ohhla or rapgenius, either!

(Incidentally, a lot of Rap Genius' lyrics come from ohhla.)
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