Contemporary music featuring heavy Scottish accents?
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For some reason I really like contemporary music (indie rock, pop, alternatives etc.) featuring vocalists with very heavy Scottish accents (I like Scottish traditional folk too) and I am looking for more to listen to. Some of my current favorites are Arab Strap (and the solo Malcolm Middleton), The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, King Creosote, and Admiral Fallow.

Female examples particularly appreciated since that current list is all men.

Here is my current playlist on Spotify
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Well, there's the Proclaimers

Big Country

Simple Minds

Okay, it's old, but it's all good.
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I don't see The Proclaimers on your list, and they may fit.
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There's, of course, Belle and Sebastian who name-checked the Arab Strap: The Boy With The Arab Strap. Perhaps not a super-thick accent, but definitely discernible.
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Also from the 90s, there's bis, from Glasgow. Here's their track Tell it to the Kids.
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accent may not be heavy enough, but try We Were Promised Jetpacks
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Best answer: No guarantee that my idea of what constitutes a heavy Scottish accent will match yours but here are a few ideas:


Amy Macdonald

The View

Runrig (contemporary-ish)
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Camera Obscura. I would say it's a relatively light accent, but I can definitely tell they're Scottish.
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Set the way-back machine all the way to 1981 and you get altered images: I Could Be Happy.
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From 2004, Franz Ferdinand: The Dark of the Matinée.
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I'm going to say contemporary music includes the early eighties and go with Orange Juice.
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Mogwai R U Still Into It.

Of course, most of their music has no lyrics.
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Frightened Rabbit. Suuuuper thick accents.
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Best answer: The Yummy Fur, any of their songs, but Roxy Girls is good

Jozef K , fainter Scottish accent, but still discernably from Edinburgh - Sorry For Laughing

Folk wise, Alasdair Roberts - Long Lankin as just one example of an artist with a massive back catalogue. He releases vis Drag City

RH Hubbert, this one featuring Aidan Moffat from Arab Strap and Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand - Car Song
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Best answer: Adele Bethel and David Gow played with Arab Strap for a while and then went on to form Sons and Daughters, with Adele as main lead vocalist. The Repulsion Box is their very excellent first full length. The first EP is great, too and the other two albums are good.

I did not know them when I first saw them opening a show but when I heard them talk I perked right up and thought to myself, oh, they're Scottish! They're gonna be great!
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Best answer: Anything by Eddie Reader
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I forgot about Django Django!
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Best answer: Biffy Clyro

(If you follow this link ignore the first 20secs of the first clip, it makes them sound like a death metal band...)
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Best answer: Seconding the awesome and highly Scottish Sons & Daughters - try Jonny Cash.

For folk, Kris Drever is from Orkney - Steel and Stone is a good example
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Best answer: Sons and Daughters
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appendix out (and alasdair roberts more traditional solo stuff), the pastels, international airport, the delgados
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Best answer: Camera Obscura are fantastic, and have a new album out.
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Best answer: oh my god, Idlewild, no one has yet mentioned Idlewild, how can this be?
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also Snow Patrol.
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Best answer: Edwyn Collins - someone's mentioned Orange Juice, he's their lead singer, but his solo albums are great too - the latest got good reviews a few months ago

And a great late 80s/early 90s Scottish band who probably influenced a lot of the more recent bands mentioned is Aztec Camera.

And +1 Idlewild and Sons & Daughters.
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Best answer: Check out some of the artists under the Fence Records label. Particularly its founder and most well known artist: King Creosote. The linked video contains a live performance of him covering an older song that dabbles in the Scots dialect, but his accent is generally discernible in his own stuff.

Also check out: James Yorkston, Pictish Trail and Kid Canaveral who also come under this label.

If you like folky stuff, maybe check out Rachel Sermanni. She is from the north-east of Scotland, and her accent is a little unusual, but definitely apparent in her songs.
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Biffy Clyro - I thought their last album was very accessible. My husband has a soft spot for them as they also hail from Ayrshire. 'Mon the Bif!

Fratellis - Their first album is so easy to get into and Chelsea Dagger always causes an impromptu dance in our home

Proclaimers also come out of our speakers every once in a while.

My husband likes Glasvegas. I can take about 30 minutes of them. I find them super depressing in an annoying way, ymmv.
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Deacon Blue - another of the big Scottish rock bands of the eighties with a strong celtish lilt.

Isobel Campbell (of Belle and Sebastian) has released a couple of great albums with (Queens of the Stone Age) Mark Lanegan. Her accent is soft in her singing voice, but it's there.
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also Snow Patrol.

Sorry to be a pedant, but Gary Lightbody (the lead singer of Snow Patrol) is from Northern Ireland so he doesn't sing in a Scottish accent.
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Best answer: Withered Hand! He is GREAT, and if you like Frightened Rabbit, you will like him.
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Oh - The Delgados have a female singer, but I'm not sure they're very accenty.
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Oh yes, and:
The Spook School
Wake The President
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Best answer: Yes to Sons and Daughters, yes yes yes to Idlewild.

Roddy Woomble (Idlewild's lead singer) is working on solo stuff at the moment (and their old guitarist is in The Birthday Suit who are Edinburgh-based but who I don't think sound terribly Scottish at all).
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Best answer: Olympic Swimmers (link is to vimeo video of single "knots".) Their website is here


The Scottish Enlgihtenment (link is to the Bandcamp page for their "Little Sleep" EP.) The full album is on Bandcamp here
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Also - a shout out for the Waterboys. The lead singer, Mike Scott doesn't sing in a Scottish accent per se, but he doesn't sing in an authentic Irish one either to my ears. Like Marcus Mumford, his accent is folkish.

They were a half Scottish, half Irish band in that Mike Scott was the driving force and came from Edinburgh and Steve Wickham came from Dublin - and the rest of the line up chopped and changed.

Anyway if you like celtic folk music with some Scottish influence then you might like.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! Can't wait to listen to all the suggestions!
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