Silver anniversary presents
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Silver anniversary presents?

My parents 25th wedding anniversary is on Sunday, and I have no idea what to get them. My plan was to go to Tiffany's and see if I can get some suitable silver baubles to be engraved, but I get a feeling that with my budget, whatever I get will be poor value. The gift is going to be shared with my sister and we have a budget of $500 Canadian altogether. My parents have divergent interests and personalities, so that offers no clue as to what we can get them. I would like something that they can keep for a good while to remind them of the event, or maybe an amazing experience that they will always remember. Their marriage's theme seems to be staying together, happily, despite very different personalities and backgrounds, so that might be something to explore.
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A silver bell... 25 years of wedding bells...?
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Two silver champagne flutes, suitably engraved.
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A silver two-panel frame. They could put a wedding picture in one panel and a 25th anniversary picture in the other.
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If you can get your hands on thier wedding invitation, have that wording engraved on a beautiful silver plate (Nambe's stuff engraves beautifully).

The birthstone tree has also been a big hit in my family.

A slideshow/dvd of images over time, and a really nice dinner out with their children?

For my parent's 50th we had lots of people - friends, family, coworkers - create a page in a scrap book for them. Some people wrote letters, some did pictures, it was really neat.
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Maybe get them a silver bar? That might be kind of cool.
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Professionally made portraits of you and your sister? Maybe present them in (faux) silver frames?

(That's what me and my brother did. Worked like a charm.)
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I sent my parents a dozen red roses and a dozen white mums for their 25th. There were a few reasons. My parents have stayed together, despite being different. And my mother's favourite flower is the mum. My dad knows this, but would always be embarassed to tell his co-workers that he was giving his wife mums for her birthday/anniversary/etc. So he would always buy red roses. My mother would get mad, because she saw it as a waste of money. (I always saw it as my father wanting to show the world how much he loved her.) So, when I sent the mix of flowers, I was indulging their separate interests, but showing them together. My parents loved it -- and they didn't expect any over-the-top gift.
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