Trying To Identify Stereo Sampler (circa 1960)
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Sometime between 1958 and 1962 I was given a stereo record player. Some time thereafter I got a stereo sampler LP. I'm trying to find out which one (there were many issued at the time). Details:

The LP had musical samples on one side and sound effects on the other. You were supposed to use the sound effects to balance your speakers.
Among the musical items was an excerpt from Starvinsky's le Sacre du Printemps which (on this particular record) was titled: "Games of the Rival Towns: Entrance of the Celebrants". I think (but am far from certain) that this was a Leonard Bernstein/NY Philharmonic performance from 1958.
It is possible that I picked up this LP as a premium for joining the Columbia Record Club.
Many of these kinds of stereo samplers were issued then and I would like to know which one it was and, also, see a complete track listing of the musical pieces.
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Best answer: Here's a possibility: Columbia Stereophonic Phonograph Demonstration Record
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Response by poster: That sounds almost right. None of the B side was on mine but the A side seems all correct. Thanks!
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Maybe this: Listening In Depth. Has the Stravinsky item you mentioned.
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Response by poster: It looks like Columbia produced a bunch of these packages. One reason I mentioned the Stravinsky is that the name of the piece was a bit different from that usually given.
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