Crowd-pleasing restaurant in SF-- with multiple axes of diet issues.
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One of us can't eat gluten or nightshades (peppers, tomatoes.) One of us is a vegetarian and doesn't eat seafood, and one will eat meat but not seafood. None of us care about cocktails or wine lists. What are some reasonably-priced (aim for under $40/person, will consider more), no-reservations, sit-down, casual/smart casual restaurants that we all might enjoy? Bonus points for a menu also excluding peanuts/peanut oil, extra super bonus points for Richmond/Sunset area.
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I think Chinese cooking uses peanut oil for frying sometimes, though.
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Troya, on Clement, has great Turkish food, which should fit your needs well.
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This may sound counterintuitive, but I might pick a steakhouse. I'm a vegetarian, and I've had some of the best meals of my life at steakhouses: elaborate, fancy salads and wonderful vegetable platters. I could make a whole meal of the delicious foods people usually serve as sides to a steak, and if you're at a decent place, the staff will be happy to help (you may want to call ahead to let them know your specific needs). That will make it easy for the others to avoid the peanuts/tomatoes/peppers/gluten/seafood they need to avoid.
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How about Burma Superstar?
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Q on Clement.
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I'm going to second Burma Superstar.
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Yeah, I'd third Burma Superstar, or B-Star (same owners, next block down.) Call ahead to be sure they can accomodate your dietary needs.
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I like Pica Pica Maize Kitchen (one on Valencia/15th and now one at 17th/Castro) -- everything they make is gluten-free, and it seems like they'd be accommodating for nightshades.

The Valencia one isn't that good for bigger parties; if there are more than four of you it might be hard to find a table at busy times.
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[deleted answer above mine recommended Chinese]
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I really liked Another Monkey on Valencia.

I'm gluten intolerant and they had a lot of dishes that could accomodate that. They have spring rolls that can have shrimp or tofu, and a whole "Budda's Delight" section of the menu. I'm sure they can work around the peanut thing as well.

And, the bar was pretty great. I had a Dark and Stormy there that was perfectly respectible.
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