Good Films about Politics
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What are some good films that are about politics or democracy?

My apologies if I've missed previous questions about this topic. I'm thinking films that have a similar sense to Lincoln, or to TV shows like The West Wing or House of Cards. Films that focus on history and procedure rather than personal dramas of the characters are preferable. Either fictional or documentary films are fine.
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Mr. Smith goes to Washington.
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If you want a deeply cynical movie about political procedure, check out In The Loop.
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The Manchurian Candidate
The Bad Sleep Well
The Battle of Algiers
Land And Freedom
The Wind That Shakes The Barley

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Thirteen Days.
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Primary Colors.
If you liked House of Cards, you should definitely check out the British original as well. It's on Netflix streaming.
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Two mocumentaries about presidential campaigns that I really like are Bob Roberts, and Robert Altman's Tanner '88. Also, Bulworth.
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And one of the best political documentaries ever is War Room, about Clinton's first csmpaign. As a documentary, it's damn near perfect.
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Steven Zaillian's 'All the King's Men'.

Marshall Curry's 'Street Fight' about the Newark mayoral election Cory Booker lost to Sharpe James.
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IMO the best American political documentary is an underappreciated and little-known documentary about a congressional race in Rhode Island. It's called Taking on the Kennedys. You can get it on DVD; it was on PBS a couple of years back.
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The Candidate
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All the President's Men
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I'm a hack and I love Primary Colors and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It's been a while but I also remember enjoying Bulworth and The War Room, as well as Street Fight. Also, OMG there's a documentary about Paul Wellstone that made me sob. At the end, there's a group of kids at Wellstone Elementary singing their school song. I thought I was going to die. I also heard that The Ides of March was good.
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Comfort and indifference (1980 Quebec Independence Referendum)
Québec: Duplessis and after (1970 Quebec Elections + Maurice Duplessis)
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Good Night and Good Luck
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And Game Changer.
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In The Loop and the TV shows "Veep" and "The Thick of It" by the same production team. They're comedies, but viciously satirical. "House of Cards" looks positively Utopian next to these.
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"Dave"! (A comedy set in the White House)
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I enjoyed all of these films, and also enjoyed All the President's Men.
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Homeland, which follows a CIA case office. It's a TV show, two seasons out, a third coming out this fall.
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Please Vote for Me
(The youtube video runs it twice, the second time without sound for some reason)
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A Face in the Crowd, starring Andy Griffith in the performance of a lifetime, is considered by many the best movie about American politics ever made. It's probably also the least well-known classic film of all time, if such a category makes any sense.

Seconding *In The Loop* which is flat-out brilliant. You will be repeating its dialog for days after. Most reviewers regarded it as "too cynical" -- as if a movie about the run-up to the Iraq War could possibly ever be so. It got lost in the shuffle, but it's one of my favorite all-time movies.
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A Perfect Candidate, a documentary about an infamous Senate race in Virginia.
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Another vote for The War Room. Loved it. Game Change was really good too.
And how has The American President not been mentioned yet?
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Twelve Angry Men
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Seconding Z and Wag the Dog, in many ways the precursor to The West Wing.

Also, Sydney Lumet is good here, and aside from the well-knowns, the under-appreciated Q&A features a towering performance by Nick Nolte.
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opinion of Olive Stone may color your interest, but I thought both W and Nixon were great, unconventional, movies about politics. May also not be procedural enough.
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Preminger film: Advise and Consent
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John Adams. Caveat emptor: historical inaccuracies.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, all of these look excellent and I look forward to working my way through the list!
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Borgen is excellent (it's about the Danish political system but pretty much self-explanatory).

Also: Yes Minister and its sequel Yes Prime Minister. It's comedy (and pretty dated) but it's brilliant and has a firm foundation in actual politics.
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Ditto War Room, Street Fight, Dave, and Bob Roberts. I also would recommend Milk and Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story. For something not about the US, you absolutely must see Bringing Down a Dictator, a documentary about the Otpor movement and the end of the Milosevic regime in Serbia - it is so damn good.
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