What are some good Italian Food in the Meatpacking district in NYC
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My buddy is going on a first date with a girl and wanted to take her out to Italian in the meatpacking district in NYC. What are good choices in that area. He's looking to keep the total bill to around $125, but remember this is a first date, so we need to impress a little as well ;) Thx! Firestyle
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Fig & Olive!!!
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Scarpetta is a little bit expensive, but the mushroom polenta (possibly on the vegetarian menu) I had there almost made me weep with joy.
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I can't imagine a guy picking Fig & Olive. Scarpetta is your best "meatpacking" Italian. Barbuto is another option in the area. I like Dell'Anima a lot more for a date but its West Villagey not MePa'y. Corsino is good as well. A step down in ambition and price. Also like Spasso further down Hudson. Similar to D'A. L'Artusi another option.

I'd do Dell'Anima if locale is why you say MePa, Scarpetta if you want something more scene-y (tho it isn't OTT). Third choice would be Barbuto especially if its nice and they can sit outside.
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Fig & Olive is a chain, but I've eaten in the Midtown one and it's fine. I don't know that I'd be impressed if someone took me on a first date there. But I wouldn't be unimpressed? It would probably depend on how excited my date was about it.

If you want something more casual and drinks-ish (like, say, it's an internet date and you don't want a full formal meal with reservations and everything), the bar at the Maritime hotel and its associated restaurant, Bottega, are pretty good.
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Del Posto is anther possibility.
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Del Posto is anther possibility.

Not at $120/2.

(scarpetta might not make it either, but it is much closer.)
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nthing scarpetta!! you'll feel silly ordering a $24 bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce, but when you taste it you'll see it's worth every penny!
might be a bit over budget...
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