Can you put siding over Formstone?
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I'm looking to update the front of my 15' x 30' attached Baltimore row home. It currently features ugly formstone. I'd like to add a mason veneer siding on top of the existing formstone if possible. Can this physically be done? Thank You! Eric
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There are issues. This was an interesting blog entry about Formstone. Take special note of the part where they discuss the removal of archetecturally integral details to put the Formstone on.

Here's a guy who had his Formstone painted, which might be something to consider.

Here is an article that discusses the fact that putting multiple layers of material on the exteror of your house may be problematic.

So, if it's just ugly, paint it. If it needs to be replaced, remove and replace it.
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Since Formstone is (1) not a flat surface and (2) simply plaster over a lath that's nailed into the brick, I think it would be difficult if not impossible to install siding over it. If you're interested in a masonry look, it would probably be more cost-effective to have the Formstone removed and the original brick facade cleaned and repointed. Costs for removal seem to run between $4,000 and $8,000, some of which is offset by an increase in sales value of the house. The biggest problem tends to be disintegration of the underlying masonry up at the cornice which is why you often see houses with a 2-foot band of Formstone or a rebuilt cornice in mis-matched brick at the top of the facade. Keep in mind as well that, depending on which neighborhood you're in, you may not be able to get a permit for installing siding on the front of a house approved.
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