Cantilevered side chairs for great justice.
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I am furnishing a small studio apartment. I live two blocks away from a Restoration Hardware showroom. I like this $129 chair there. Restoration Hardware will not sell me a floor sample and they will not ship to store. The fixed home delivery charge is $125 whether you're buying 8 chairs or just one. I just need one. Find me a suitable replacement that will cost less than $250 all told.

Desirable features:
  1. not plastic
  2. minimal and easy on the eye
  3. cantilevered, therefore slightly bouncy
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This one looks similar, can't tell if it is cantilevered. It might be plastic, but looks like wood.

Check your memail
posted by JujuB at 3:42 PM on June 4, 2013

This one is a lot closer.

I need to get back to my homework....
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Here's a tan leather one. Free shipping.

Here's a grey leather one

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The grey one on Etsy only ships via Greyhound freight. Sadly, it would cost me the difference to rent a Zipcar and drive down to the nearest Greyhound freight location.
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Overstock sometimes carries designer knocks offs.

this (yes, it's THAT Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady)
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Eames with free shipping
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After a long while, I bought an Ikea Tobias. It has weird plastic runners that are tearing up my carpet, so maybe it would have been better to just buy the chair I actually wanted.
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