Chansons françaises comme celles de Charles Trenet
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Francophone Mefites- what other mid-century French singers should I be listening to?

I have realized that I am a huge fan of Charles Trenet- which other French-language singers should I be listening to? In particular, I'm looking for singers who capture that same combination of nostalgia and sentimentality, without quite the melancholia of a Charles Aznavour or a Jacques Brel.

Note that I have plenty of Edith Piaf, and I dislike Maurice Chevalier for other reasons.
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Georges Brassens. Particularly if you speak any French - his lyrics are very complicated and can be pretty funny.
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I have an album I bought on iTunes called 100 Classic French Songs that I love. In addition to Charles Trenet and George Brassens mentioned above, it includes Edith Piaf, Léo Ferré, Yves Montand, Maurice Chevalier, Joséphine Baker, André Bourvil, Fernandel, Boris Vian, Ray Ventura, Marcel Mouloudji, Juliette Grécco, Luis Mariano, Jean Sablon, Eddie Constantine, Line Renaud, Berthe Sylvia, and Francis Lemarque.

On, here are the links: Volume 1 and Volume 2
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Best answer: I love Jean Sablon's "La valse au village".
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Boris Vian!
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I came in to recommend a website rather than a singer:

Du temps des cerises aux feuilles mortes, a site dedicated to la Chanson française. (Note: site is in French.)

It has audio clips for lots of French singers - I discovered it recently while looking up Fréhel's "Où est-il donc ?", which you can hear, along with four other songs, on the Fréhel biography page.
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