1980s/70s British Horror Film/TV series featuring a village of vampires?
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Hi! I call upon the collective wisdom of the Metaverse! I recall in my younger days a film/tv hsow that I saw once on TV (perhaps I rented a film - it was a while ago) that had a village with vampires - but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the show! This is what I remember:

A group of 2-3 people drive through a country lane and pass through a fog(?). They arrive at a village that seems to be in mist - or in darkness. They don't see anyone about. Eventually, the end up in a church(?) that has a diary in which they read about all the villagers being vampires. The diary was written by the last surviver. They decide to flee and just manage to make it out into safety.

They flag down a police car and get in. They tell the police men about their experience whilst the police car is being driven. They suddently realise that they are being driven back to where they fled from, and the sting in the tail is the policemen turn around and reveal themselves to be vampires too!

I seem to recall it hand the same feel as The Creepshow with a few segments in it.

Does anyone have any idea what the name of the film/video/tv show I'm trying to track down is?

Thank you so much everyone! :-)
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Best answer: Yes! It's The Monster Club, and you're remembering the segment with the village of ghouls.

I've read the book rather than seeing the film, but that's the part that stuck in my mind too.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! It was annoying that I couldn't remember! :-)
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