Kongming Lanterns in Massachusetts
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Where can I buy sky lanterns in Massachusetts?

We are having a Tangled-themed birthday party for my daughter on Sunday. We would like to let fly some (tethered!!!!!) sky lanterns as in the film, but I'd like to buy them in a store to avoid paying five times more in shipping than the lanterns themselves cost and the stress of waiting for them to show up.
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Make a sky lantern doesn't look too hard. Let the kids "decorate" the shade before attaching the hoop, this would be a fun game.
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I love them but have never seen them for sale anywhere around here. I haven't done an exhaustive search, but I bought mine online and just sucked it up. I have a feeling they are considered something of a liability.

I have made my own own hot air balloons out of tissue paper, much like the sky lanterns in JujuB's link. It was actually pretty tricky, not at all easy for kids. Any tiny tear or any little unglued spot in a seam and it won't work. Could be worth a try though if you like challenging crafty stuff.
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My fireworks stores around us carry them or at least did last year. You might try there.
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Best answer: Oh, totally good thought and yes, Atomic Fireworks in Seabrook NH has them.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Miko! I did not find them on Phantom's website, and didn't know about Atomic!
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Thanks go to straythoughts - I wouldn't have thought of fireworks stores!
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I got some on ebay at a very good price, even with shipping. They're magical.
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I've launched a couple of these, but I don't think they are going to possess the lift or the balance to accept any sort of tethering. Perhaps you could light them from within with some sort of soft/warm/flickery LED thing and then suspend them from something higher up?
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There are a lot of examples of tethered ones on YouTube and if you google, so it looks like it works.
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