Looking for a particular cat ball, typically sold in a variety pack.
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I'm looking for where to buy this exact, particular toy cat ball. It is typically only sold in a variety pack, with a bunch of other toys that are clearly inferior. However, I do not want to waste money on the variety pack. I just want this ball. I have also seen this ball used as the body of a cheapo shuttlecock for badminton. Can anyone on MetaFilter please help me?
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Best answer: eBay to the rescue, 24 of them for under $16 with shipping.
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Best answer: If two dozen is too many, Amazon has them 6 for ~$12.
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Best answer: Or if you really want to stock up on them...or your cat happens to play golf: Amazon. 50 for $37 incl. shipping.
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Best answer: check the 99-cent store...I often see those there...
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