Is it possible to visit a bit of Munich during a 6-hour layover?
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On my way to Eastern Europe, I will have a 6-hour layover in Munich. Would it be feasible to buy a quick snack and run to the Pinakothek in that interval or at least get out of the airport at all (please recommend destinations)?
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No recommendations offhand, but the Munich airport actually has a really nice guide (pdf) that lists places you can visit by the amount of time that you have.
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It would take about an hour each way to get into the city center by public transportation, which was pretty straightforward to navigate. Depending on how long it takes to get out of the airport, and how early you need to be back for your flight, I think you could get a hour and half or so wandering the city center, which is the Marienplatz. Frauenkirke, the New Town Hall, Rathaus-Glockenspiel are attractions in the immediate area which are neat, and its a nice place to walk around. HofbrÀuhaus am Platzl is another major attraction.
Going to a Pinakothek (there are several) will depend on how much time you have when you get there.
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The journey planner says about 50-55 minutes to the Pinakothek and 42 minutes to the Hauptbahnhof. Whether it's worth leaving the airport probably depends on how fast you'll clear immigration (assuming you're going through immigration in Munich) and how long before your next flight you need to get back (which I can't comment on).

I can't imagine that will leave three hours in the city center. You might be able to reasonably eat (there's a small food hall thing in the station if you don't find anything else) and have a quick poke round the Viktualienmarkt or the Frauenkirche, which are both within 1.5km of the train station. Which is actually the same sort of distance as to the Pinakotheken, but it seems like you'd want a good chunk of time to see it/one properly.

I'd certainly be tempted to go into the city, if only to eat up two of those six hours on the S-Bahn, but it's probably more stress than it's worth (at least if you're me and would be nervous about getting back).
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The Munich airport site also has a stopover section that has most of the stuff in that PDF.

If you do head out, use the left luggage service (minus passport and boarding card and any other pocketable things) for your hand baggage. This will make life a lot easier dealing with customs on the way out and security on the way back in. This might be complicated by Schengen / non-Schengen zones in the airport, depending on your final destination, but it's less complicated than hauling your bags around.
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Thank you thank you!

I will just head to Marienplatz and chill out there unless I am super early and I can go to the modern pinacotheque. I am flying to Budapest (Schengen) so my luggage will be going directly there, I will just have a backpack.
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