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Where does one find financial statements (similiar to SEC filings) for non profit organizations

I am doing research for a non profit and drawing up some plans for them. For comparisons I need to look at financials from other non profits. Where does one go to pick up financials (similiar to SEC filings) for non profits? Thank you
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In their 990 tax forms.
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guidestar. you'll need to create a free account. they'll have 990s for the past 3 years. financial statements (ala a 10k) aren't public record, but a lot of NFPs make them available on their websites.
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Thanks so much, got it!
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Guidestar is certainly the correct answer. Depending on the size of the organization and the level of information they put out there - sometimes you can also get good financial information from their annual reports to augment the 990s. These days, the annual report, for sizable nonprofits is on their website. If it isn't online you can always call ask to have it mailed (assuming the organization produces an AR)
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For doing work similar to what you're doing, I've always used the Foundation Center 990 finder.

You can also request 990 as well as 1023s (the application form for 501c3 status) directly from the organizations - they are required to provide them to you.

Finally, there will be a state version of the 990 (I think - my experience is only in Illinois) which may or may not be available online - I'd expect it would vary by state. (Illinois ones can be searched here, at the IL Attorney General's office website, for example).
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