Help me define a new job title!
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My job is being reclassified, and I was asked to suggest a new job title.

As it stands now, my title is "Web and Digital Content Specialist," with the following bulleted responsibilities:

- Write and edit copy for college website.
- Write, edit and produce HTML emails and newsletters sent on behalf of the college of business.
- Manage digital signage within college of business.
- Manage online repository of faculty publications.

After being reclassified, I'll still most of this, including some writing and editing (although I'll be out of the email game, thank god), but there'll be more active web development going on; my particular area will be managing data transfers between various software systems (so, like, populating faculty pages from the system the school uses to manage faculty) and migrating a site from an old CMS to a new one. I'll also be supervising a bunch of student workers. So I'll be a lot more active in managing a website (or, to be honest, I'll be recognized for the management that's currently going on).

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on what a new appropriate title would be.
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Couple of suggestions:

Online Data Manager
Digital Content Manager
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Senior Digital Content Manager

Senior because you'll be supervising.
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Best answer: If you have a structure in your area that includes people with titles like "Director" and "Assistant Director," get your new title into the structure. Believe me...I am currently Web Content Manager at a university, where everyone else in my department has the "___ Director" structure and it's always more difficult than it needs to be to find me a new title come promotion time.

So...I'd suggest something like _____ Director of Digital Content Management, filling in the blank based on your level of experience. 2-3 years, assistant; 3-6 years associate; beyond that, try to get just straight up Director.
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You're approaching this from the wrong direction. What do you want your NEXT job to be? Write a title that's a stepping stone to where you're headed.
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Digital Communications Manager or Senior Digital Communications Specialist.
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Knowledge Manager will definitely turn heads for any future job prospects. People will be impressed.
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