How do I get every drop out?
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I bought a tool designed to get the last bits of foundation etc. out of bottles. Then I lost it. It's no longer available to buy in the UK, so I was wondering if there is something similar out there not necessarily designed for cosmetics - maybe a science or art tool? Ideally, a very small, angled rubber/silicone spatula.

If it helps, the bottle I planned to use it on is for Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is essentially a small glass brick with an opening at the top.
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Response by poster: I have noticed there are a lot of similar tools on Amazon US - MakeUpMiser, Spatty, Last Drop Spatulas - but again, not in the UK. Dammit!
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A friend of mine used to do a trick where he's pour extremely hot cooking grease into a glass jar, let it sit for a few minutes, and then take an ice cube and rub it around the outside of the jar at the surface level of the grease. A crack would form right at that level all the way around and the result would look almost as if the jar had been cleanly cut in half.

So, if you don't find an appropriate tool, maybe a similar approach would let you take the top off the bottle and be able to use cotton swabs or a small kitchen spatula or whatever.
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What about a rubber cuticle pusher? I have encountered some with large heads that are useless for the intended job but probably great for this.

A search on amazon uk comes up with many results
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If you're not averse to buying on eBay... (seems kind of pricey, though)
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Oh my goodness, I just looked at the cached version of the item page on Amazon UK and it was selling there for £2.99. Please don't buy from that eBay seller!
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Earwax cleaner from an Asian shop, especially Chinese bits and bobs.
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It seems to me this is the sort of thing someone could just send you. You could get it shipped to my sister and she'd throw it in an envelope and post it to you no problem. Someone on Fiverr might do it also (though they'd want a fiver, so you'd want to order two!)
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Microbiology probably has something that will work for this. My immediate thought is that this is probably viscous enough that an inoculation loop would work. Or maybe a small laboratory spatula.
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Would a mascara wand get enough out until you find something better?
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While you wait for your tool you could use my method. Once I can't squeeze the product out anymore I just use a scissors to cut the bottom off every soft-plastic container of foundation, mositurizer etc, and use it from the bottom end til it's really gone. If there's a lot left and you're worried it will dry out you can keep it covered with a bit of foil between uses.
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Can you get "Japonesque" there? That struck me as exactly the sort of doodad they'd make, and sure enough, there're Japonesque make-up spatulas. Another term for your searches, at least...

Here's something for £10.03.... (!)
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Response by poster: third rail - I do that with tubes sometimes, but the issue is with solid containers.
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so I was wondering if there is something similar out there not necessarily designed for cosmetics - maybe a science or art tool?

Chemists use a tool called a "rubber policeman", you could make one by pushing a piece of rubber tubing on a round rod, gluing the tubing flat, and then using a razor to slice the flattened end at an angle.
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You want a small flessenschraper, not that I have any idea where to find one.
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I saw this product featured on the US show Shark Tank:
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If you don't find an exact solution, this sounds like the perfect thing to make with Sugru.
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If you do a search on ebay UK for Make Up spatula you get a range of of little spatulas for using with makeup for mixing and applying etc so you might be able to find something there that would work for you though it might not be exactly the same thing.
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if you're in london and near a muji, try popping in and check out their health & beauty section. i can't find them on their uk online store, but here in nyc they have a small assortment of jar and tube scrapers (and refillers!) for makeup containers.
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