More Details About Web Product Management, Please
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What are some good resources and tips to get better at Product Management for an internet startup?

I work for an internet startup and have been the de facto product manager for quite some time. I'd like to be better at it. My official role is in support and product integration but since we're a small company, I am the only one who interacts with customers, their feature requests, and one of the few who use the tool on a daily basis. I do a lot of bug-reporting as well as mockups (very amateur ones) of what I would ideally like to see in a lot of our pages.

I'd love to get more into product management and less into customer support. It looks like we may be expanding soon and I'd like to both concentrate my position into only product management as well as be really, really good at it. What do I need to know?
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Try and get into the next Pragmatic Marketing Product Manager trainings that comes to your city. It's a two day course. It's not a holy grail, and it's not the only way to do things, but it's very good training and would be great at helping you think through what a product manager does, and how to do it better.
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The best material I have seen on product management is at the Silicon Valley Products Group.
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