Wedding dress shop recommendations in London or the Home Counties?
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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a wedding dress shop in London or the Home Counties. I've googled extensively, but there's nothing like a personal recommendation, and none of my friends/family have got married in recent years. I'm looking for a fairly traditional style of dress, budget is flexible (ie, splurge), and excellent customer service is really important to me. Complicating factor: if all goes well, I'll be about five months pregnant on the wedding day, so a shop that could handle that would be great. Any suggestions (or warnings!) would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Perhaps a dressmaker would be better for your needs. A musician who played for a lot of weddings told me that a bridal dressmaker confided that she always left the waist seams for the very last minute to allow for changes.
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Hi again! I don't know if you've considered the 'vintage' look at all but I had my 1940s-style dress made by Zoe Lem. The customer service was absolutely fantastic and I'm sure that Zoe would be able to help on the pregnancy thing. Memail me if you have any questions!
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Response by poster: Hi Lotto, thanks again! That's brilliant - thanks so much.
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Response by poster: Just for the benefit of anyone looking at this question in future, I ended up getting my dress from this Bridal Boutique. The staff were lovely and very helpful. The dresses go up to a (generous) size 18 so if the style is right they can just make the dress in a larger size to accommodate a pregnancy and then tailor to fit. The dresses are absolutely beautiful!
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