where to sell computers in lots?
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So I've found myself in possession of many computers and servers. I'd like to sell them in lots. does anyone have successful sites to do this. thank you very much in advance.
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Ebay is an obvious answer (to some); I sold some servers and switches in lots on there a few years ago and it was fairly headache-free.
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eh I avoid ebay due to previous experience but thank you for your response.
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Ebay or craigslist are the usual choices. Only ebay has a market big enough to handle lots and lots of computers, though, unless you live in a huge city.
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There are many resellers of used servers and computers that will buy your equipment if you call or email them. I work for a company that buys and refurbs servers and enterprise hardware in lots every day.

The nice thing about selling in a lot is you don't have to worry about shipping to eBay buyers individually all over the country, getting paid, handling RMAs and doing follow up tech support. You just sell it, have the reseller pick it up and get paid.
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Most larger cities have at least one (physical, not online) auction house that either specializes in or runs regular auctions for office equipment. Put together a basic description for each machine in each lot (ie what it is, whether it's working or not, whether it has software, etc) but make no promises nor offer any guarantees and sell through them. There may be an up front charge, and they'll take a percentage commission, but you'll save a lot of hassle.
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